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Evolution of Speed is proud to announce our Billet intake manifold for the B58 Engines.  Our manifold is designed to work with both Gen1 and Gen2 B58 engines.  The manifold is made from Billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum.  The end tanks start off at over 50lbs of material for each side and end up about 3.8lbs that's a lot of chips!  Like all of our products these manifolds are completely made in the USA.  All machining done in house  in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  

The manifold features integrated Port Injection, and Meth or nitrous bungs.  This means when you purchase the manifold there is no need to add a fueling spacer between the engine and the manifold.  The Injectors are now relocated to the topside, making them easier to service if needed.  In addition to adding more fuel, we have designed the manifold to accept a larger throttle body for those extreme horsepower cars!  We make our manifolds in house and control all aspects of the design.  If there is a feature you don't see, or would like added, just shoot us a message and we can customize the manifold for your specific needs.

We teamed up with C&R Racing / PWR North to bring you the best core available in the industry.  Using a proprietary design we are able to provide a very dense core, at the fraction of the weight of a standard bar and plate setup!  The air to water core is over double the size of the standard core that is found on these engines. What does all of this add up to be?  Simple cooler intake air for your engine!  On average we are about 20-25 degrees Celsius cooler than the stock manifold.   See graph below for comparison. Also our starting temps at the line are much cooler than even the stock manifold.


What's Included:

*B58 Intake manifold with integrated A2W core

*Fuel Rail, with lines and fittings needed to adapt to factory hard line

*6 extra 1/16" NPT ports on top of Manifold for Nitrous

*6 extra 1/8" NPT ports on bottom of manifold for Methanol

*All hardware needed to install


***Please specify generation of B58 engine from the dropdown list. (Gen1) for 2016-2019 BMW engines.  (Gen2) For 2020- present B58 updated engines..ie Supra, M340, G29

 ****Please note standard color is fine texture black.  If you would like a custom color or raw please send a message****

 Injectors, meth nozzles and Nitrous nozzles are all sold separately.


Below is a real world comparison of stock VS Our intake manifold.  Both cars running Pure800 at the same event.


EOS_upgraded intercooler manifold:


Stock Intercooler manifold: