ARMASpeed Forged Carbon Fiber Strut Bars A90 / A91 MKV Supra

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The vehicle will receive vibrations that are induced by surface irregularities in road pavements while driving. Some unseen parts will be deformed.

Installing strut bars increases the overall rigidity of your car. The chassis doesn’t flex when you hit a bump or if you’re turning hard into a sharp corner. Strut bar will be the easiest and effective upgrade option to adding more rigidity to your car.

Compared with universal metal aftermarket, ARMASPEED strut bars are made of forged carbon fiber (Forged Composite) instead. In the P20HH impact-resistant and high-stiffness SMC special mold, the object is directly formed by high pressure and heat. Spot welding on metal aftermarket would cause uneven stress distribution; ARMASPEED one-piece formed Strut Bar can suppress vibration more.
Also, an Under-Hood Bling!

  1.  Compatibility:
    TOYOTA GR Supra
  2.  Model year of compatible cars: 2019+